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Work hard or Go Home!

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My nephew Sherron, played in his first out of town tournament in Reno, Nevada.  He had the pleasure of being among 7oo teams ready to compete for a coveted trophy or title.  So this past saturday we got up early and prepared to drive down.  He appeared cool and calm, in spite of our many questions and prodding about his nervousness.  He played real cool until about 8:30am and then, his patience were gone.  Apparently his mother, sister, and I had sprayed a little too much hair spray and moved a little too slow for his liking.  He was ready to get to Reno and handle his business.  He was ready to taste the hype of traveling basketball and he couldn’t do it with us primping and moving at a turtles pace.  He went from a mellow kind of fellow to a strong arming enforcer.  Had he not pushed the envelope we might still be in the bathroom-even at this very moment.  Upon arriving at Reno it was wall to wall child athletes, of all ages.  They had little peanuts all the way up to man child’s-it was an impressive sight to see.  We settled into our rooms and then proceeded to head to the first game.  This game turned out to be a defeat brought on by a lack of experience, rushed shots, and  some very large 8th graders who could dunk-yikes!  No birth certificates came into question.  The second game turned out to be an exciting win that lifted the boys spirits.  The third and fourth game were upsetting defeats.  And let me explain why, Sherron is a very good athlete in his age bracket-he works really hard and tries to perfect his skill  by any means possible; so it was upsetting to see him work so hard and get so little in return.  He was up against much adversity, adversity that would cause some adults to throw in the towel or give up.  His pride was on the line and his emotions were ready to terrorize someone,but, he maintained composure.  He was up against not having a head coach, a team that has little experience, an Assistant coach who played favorites, elevation in the air, referees who had the whistles glued to their tongue, and shots that wouldn’t fall.  However, he continued to work through it, he kept fighting and trying his hardest to get that win.  He kept working even though he was struggling with anxiety and frustration.  I was truly proud of him and took something away from this young child, no matter how bad it gets, I have to always work hard and work like I’m working for the Lord.  Pushing through adversity is hard but keeping my eyes on the goal and a God who  helps us meet our goals is the ultimate objective.  We have to work hard or stay home! Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men Colossians 3:23

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By Ms. Telisha - 27 May 2009 - Reply

Wow! I admire Sherron’s drive, I could learn from him as well. And yes you are right we do need to work hard all the time, I’m suffering in that area. But I will keep on pushin’. Thanks Dona for the PUSH!

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