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Will it Grow?

I love the Apostle Paul.  I love his gift of writing and leadership.  More importantly,I love the way he straightens out church people. You know the ones like you and me, who forget we go to church.  He was good at setting records straight for the “church”.  He was firm and bold, and we owe his gifting to the New Testament.  He left us a code of conduct God demands for believers, yikes!

I”m one of those people! I check off my Christian to do list.  Bible study, prayer, church attendance, tithing, quiet time, etc.  I’m really good at Christian work.  I can do christianity real well.  Until, I find myself pinned against wall.  Sometimes we need a reminder like the one Paul gave in 1Corinthians 3.  Here we find divisions in the church.  Paul quickly addresses the matter.  I enjoy his loving yet let me straighten this mess out attitude.  This is my favorite part of the chapter in verse six, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.  So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God gives the growth”.  Boom! All that fighting, working, toiling, planting, watering, and dividing means nothing. Yes you Sir, Yes you Ma’am.  You can put your sword an shovel down.  God gets the final say so. Paul is saying, all that good work and christian formality will not matter if your intentions are not right and God is not in it.  God will do it! We can plow, but God makes it grow.

So many times, I fight or work so hard for things that God never intended.  I fight against people, up hill battles, norms, statistics, data, oppression, emotions, circumstances, reports, etc.  I’m just constantly fighting for things that can cause division or discord.  Disrupting my peace and the peace of my family is dangerous.  Fooling myself, into thinking my work matters over God is dangerous.  Only what I do for God matters! Only what he ask me to do matters! Only what allow him to have control over matters! I can water or plant, but God is the one who makes all things grow (1Corinthians3:5-9ESV).

We, have to stop fooling ourselves and those around us.  Some of our work and efforts are not God centered or motivated.  They are self serving and causing divisions.  Last week, I was acting a fool.  Saying evil things and full of pride.  This week, I’ve allowed God to deal with me on where I stand in my heart.  I can fight for things that don’t matter, or I can let God fight and grow what does.  The choice is mine and yours.

Dear Lord,

Help us to see everything in us that is not God honoring or growing.  Allow us to plant, water, and harvest anything you want to grow.  Move us out of your way so you have full power and authority to move without restraint.  Bring unity where there is division, bring harmony where there is chaos.  Allow our planting and watering to be in sync with your plans and purpose for the church, our families, our jobs, and our activities.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


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