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Tonight I unintentionally got on my husbands nerves. He is planning the weekend to remember for the Sacramento Community and is quite tired from all the ripping and running that needs to be done to put on a fabulous Charity Event.  His benevolent spirit has once again allowed him to help raise money for breast cancer awareness.  Tired and dragging his exhausted torso through the doors daily, home has been his retreat-until tonight.  Like a time bomb waiting to explode, I ignited the flame by asking for a table in the V.I.P section of his golf tournament after party.  “What Tha” he replies.  Completely clueless- my intentions were to seek a table in a great location, so my girls and I could politely and quietly people watch.  Okay maybe not politely or quietly, but, my intentions were clear “I wanted to be in the mix and see all the fun happenings”.  Unfortunately, after having his limbs, ears, eyeballs, top layer of skin, and cell phone casing blundered all week, the last thing he wanted was an irrelevant request from Wifey.  But that’s not  all folks, I had the nerve to be offended that my husband wasn’t rolling out the red carpet for me.  In my spoiled tantrum I forgot that I am V.I.P.  In a Godly humble way, we have to find some reminders that we are V.I.P, and that it shouldn’t take a table in the middle of the after party to validate that.  If you love God and are secure in your relationship with Jesus Christ, then you are V.I.P.   People should know instantly that you are V.I.P when they recognize God in you.  Your countenance and relationship should radiate V.I.P relationship in your heart.  The world we live in today has so many elements that can rob us of our Godly V.I.P status .  As a believer, we must choose to remember with humility and meekness that were loved and highly thought of by God.  He prepares a place for us daily.  So whether were in the kitchen, court side, the Church, or the V.I.P section of a party……My God says were V.I.P. “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; no good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly.” Psalm 84:11

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