Love is……

Love does…..

Love won’t….Love will

Isn’t that the message, that has been shoved down our throats this month? Love is a diamond, Love is going to Church, love is treating yourself well, Love works hard, Love won’t cheat on you, Love, Love, Love!  All the while, many of us, myself included struggle to really define Love.  Is it real in 2016, can we ever experience this magical word with all the glitter and fairytale wonder surrounding it?

Looking out of my window, staring at an eagle.  Yes an Eagle my human friends, after the random blue jay flew by and landed on my patio, the Eagle appeared. I realized something in me is really missing in me, Gods Love.  Not because John says it in his letters over and over again (John 3:16,1John3-4) but because I had to get low and really stop and ask myself what is Love.  Can I give it or ever receive it, in it’s entirety?

Those of you who know me, know this.  I love what I do, but I may be missing out on something bigger than I have ever blogged about or really cared to stop and experience.

I grew up singing it, and so did you.  Jesus loves this me I know…

But do you really know that love?

It’s a great tweet or Facebook post, but do you really know it?

Even the most loved and love-able humans struggle with this vulnerable question.  And even if your not bold enough to admit it your actions and the way you live, will speak it for you.

Mistakes, toxic filters, criticism, dark times, and regret can cause us to doubt if Love is possible.  We can be deceived easily by our ways of thinking or experiences.

So, I sit with my heart open to what John says in his last days…..

“For whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything”

(1 John 3:20 ESV)

Reminding the early Church of real love and where it comes.

Our hearts will condemn us, because of sinful choices, pain, and regret.  But how beautiful is this assurance from John, God is greater than our heart!!!!

Our hearts can’t be trusted, our hearts can be bought.

Our souls can be saved, in Love.

Can we ever really know love without knowing God?

Depends on who you ask, and trust me, you better consider the source.

Culture and trends change, and so will the definition of Love.  I could go there, but I won’t.  Love can not be defined by the world, a new law, or humanity.  It has to come from a source that can not change, turn fickle, or wake up on the wrong side of bed.

Love is a not the flavor of the week, or shaped in a princess cut VVS diamond.

What if we have Love all wrong, wrapping it up in deceptive feelings and misguided desires.  What if were wrong? What if we are all loved and love able even in the midst of the muck and mire of our own self induced mess? I’m thinking out loud.

How do you define Love, and what is your Love source?

Love is God, Love comes from God, and I will never be able to fully understand or express it as God does. When my heart wants to fool me, I can remind this heart of mine, that God is bigger and he is love. We don’t have to figure it all out, this month or next month, but we can be open to God pursuing us with a real Love relationship with no “buyers remorse” or “change of heart”.  It’s a beautiful realization of hope, light of the world, word of life, Jesus the one who loves you.  This is more that a mantra or warm song.  It changes every thing, it changes how you live, how you receive love, and love others.

Take time out of your day to really process this.  It could be a defining moment in your life.

Memory Verse:

God is Love and love comes from God (1John4:7-8)

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