Happy New Year!

I really mean this.  I hope every one has a Happy New Year.  2017 was an unbelievable year.  I started a small business on Etsy, bought a home, and graduated from college.  I also lost one of my best friends.  Highs and lows, 2017 was rewarding and robbing all in one.  When 2018 swiftly approached the horizon, I wasn’t sure what to say or do.  Foot on the gas or slow lane? What do I do,when I’m not sure what’s coming next?  Revelation, realization, and random sadness can pull our ship to the dock.  Settling in to the safe harbor, I’m guessing isn’t the option for me.

I set no resolutions, no goals, or false expectations.  If I want to work out, I will.  If I eat a piece of bread, I won’t feel guilty.  If I don’t measure up to Super Mom small business Hero Mastermind of culture, I’ll be fine.  In 2018, I have some small nudges in my spirit and soul, that I will respond to.  I will not respond to the status quo of social media standards. Here’s what I decided that 2018 will look like in a nutshell………

  1. Who cares what people think!
  2. Stop second guessing God, he’s good!
  3. Make informed decisions!
  4. Ask more questions from wise people!

Simplifying and equipping myself to do less! It’s ok to do less, keep it simple, and keep the main thing the main thing.  I hope the best for everyone I love and care about.  No need to hate on anyone, there is plenty of anointing, blessing, and favor for everyone.  I just want to agree with God this year, seeing my friends and family genuinely happy and successful.  This brings a delightful joy for 2018.  Knowing that so many people have the chance to start over, launch forward, and grow.  Who cares what people think-stop second guessing God and enjoy your life.  Life is sacred, don’t waste it on the demands of the world.  Enjoy your life now!




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