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Pinned to a wall Part 2

Silhouette of a medieval knight on horse carrying a lance on dramatic scene

Present King versus young future King, that’s how the marquee sign would read.

Saul is afraid, angry, and jealous of David tries to pin him to a wall with a spear, misses, makes him commander over his army, then hands him his daughter (1Samuel 18:11-19) It gets even better.  The very next chapter Saul is openly trying to kill David.  Saul’s son Johnathon tells David “My Dad seeks to kill you”.  Yikes!

Young David knew he would replace Saul as King of Israel.  Saul knew David had the favor and anointing of God on his life.  This caused Saul to loose his cool, his mind, and his family loyalty.  Family feuding, attempted murder, and fear, to just a name a few.  God allowed all of these things to take place to reveal his truth and will to Saul and David.  David knew that God was going to do something mighty in his life, so he did not retaliate with the same weapons against Saul.  David had many opportunities to kill Saul and he chose to spare his life.  But why?

I love the old testament and the stories of victory.  Unlike David, I will retaliate with words, ugliness, or anything I can to let you know I won’t be bullied.  I like a good fight. I enjoy seeing others fight back.  But that’s not what God likes.  God wants to avenge, God wants to be the one in the driver seat, not me, not David, and not Saul.

I came to the conclusion while studying Davids life, that God allowed these crazy things to show David, even those around him his power and his truth.  God spares us all,we all could be dead off of  choices we make or don’t make.  While I hate confrontations and trials, I marvel in how God can use them to prepare me for what’s to come.  I never wanted to loose anything in my life, I always wanted to win.  However, loosing a battle or fight are opportunities for me to see God move, transform, and bring understanding.  How will I know Gods protection if I don’t get a spear thrown at me? How will I know God loves me if I don’t experience hate? How will I know that I’m called to defeat giants if I don’t kill a lion?  How will I know? Through trial and error.

Painful times remind me that God is present, he’s here and anything he allows in my life is for my good and his glory.  Stay encouraged, trials bring you closer to your destiny and purpose.  When Gods hand is on your life, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.


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