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Par for the Course

This past week my husband informs me that we will be going to Palm Springs with some season ticket holders from the arena.  His basketball season ended early so he wants to start his summer off with a weekend of golf.  So at first glance, I’m like “Who are these people” and Why are they taking us on a free trip to Palm Springs”?  I kept asking him details and of course my beloved not easily shaken Bobby was not alarmed by the lack of information or details about the trip.  All he knew is that they were going to fly us down on their private jet to their vacation home in Palm Springs for a weekend of golf on some beautiful courses.  “Okay Great” that sounds easy and hassle free, right? Wrong!  I’m a planner and a organizer so I needed details and every train running on time; my husband on the other hand can jump up throw some movies and a toothbrush in a bag and be on his way.  He doesn’t mind being spontaneous, so after a week of asking, finally I get a response “Were leaving Friday at 7 am, so pack your bags”.  This wasn’t the response I really wanted but, I decided to let my husband lead on this one.  So I over packed two pieces of luggage so I could be prepared for whatever might jump off, because, when your married to an athlete named Bobby, you have to be ready to roll or catch the fade of his muffler.  Friday morning comes and we politely met up with some of the nicest people I have ever met.  We flew into Palm  Springs on their G2, the down grade because the G5 wasn’t available, just like planned.  And to my surprise we didn’t end up pickin cotton in a field through a slave trade.  We made it just fine on their jet.  If you have ever flown chartered; it is quite lovely and inconvienience free.  No haters at TSA, no lines for the bathroom, and no onery flight attendants.  You can politely check the pilots breath for alcohol if you choose to or stand over his shoulder and watch his every move.  So when we arrived at their beautifully decked out home on the 5th hole, I just took it all in.  My husbands notoriety had afforded us the luxury of being wined and dined literally all weekend.  Oh my gosh, people really like to do nice things for others without getting something in return.  We were treated like royal children of the Most High God.  Ya see, I was ready to jump to all sorts of conclusions because I didn’t have the facts, which is normally what I do “Jump to Conclusions”.  As a wife of an Athlete, it’s my job to sometimes enjoy the beauty and fruit of my husbands labor.  Yes there will always be times of uncertainty but, I choose to focus on how God can use his career to bless me and my family.  “Nothing is better for a man than that he should eat and drink, and that his soul should enjoy good in his labor.  This also I saw from the hand of God.” Ecclesiastes 2:24


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