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Only One

There can only be one!

One what? One savior…….

“But God…….” I reply.  “Only one Doña” he whispers.

“I only have one savior”.  “That’s not true, you have many”.

Have you ever had a back and forth with God about your life? Or just heard a whisper in your soul from God? That was me in the carpet again, hearing God call me out.

There can only be one Lord and Savior in our lives.  Period.  You probably agree, but recklessly forget to do a spiritual inventory.  We claim Christ as Lord, but not Savior.  Or vice versa, he is savior but not Lord.  I’m guilty as charged.  How many times will God ask me to allow him to be Lord and Savior over everything in my life, including my heart.  A tough challenge when you think your line with God.  Yikes!

Our savior can not be careers, children, relationships, money, ministry, education, purpose, cars, friends, family moments, schedules, purpose, etc. Jesus Christ and him alone, has to be Lord and Savior.  No one and nothing can fill that void, gap, space, or place in our lives.  And I’m sure we all have tried to fill it with any number of people, places, or things.  I am the first to admit it’s a daily struggle to keep him first place on the alter of my heart.  It’s hard to not consider my kids first, or my class schedule, or my family needs.  There are times when all of that matters, but it can never replace Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, there can only be one.  I challenged myself not just my journal, to remain aware of anything in my life that sets itself up as lord or savior over Christ.

The beauty of this moment of reality is that a living God actually wants to be Lord and Savior over my life even though he knows the real me.  That is the most precious promise to cling to in this lifetime and season of Christmas.

Memory Verse:

“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus”, (1Timothy 2:5 ESV)

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