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One thing Part 3

Specie Lagonosticta rhodopareia and Uraeginthus angolensis family of Estrildidae

There are moments in life, where I doubt God.  Honestly speaking, I don’t always activate faith in God and his ways.  If God leaves me waiting to long, I get real human.  I start questioning his existence, his ways, and his promises.  And if it’s a certain time of the month, I start doubting with clinched teeth and balled fist.

How can I say I trust God yet I panic and worry when tragedy strikes? How can I say I trust God when I demand his blue prints and strategies at all times.  How can I say I believe in God when I break down at the first sign of trouble?

Well there it was,  Mathew 6:26 unfolding before my very eyes in my own back yard.  While enjoying a cup of coffee and quiet time with God, I sat by my pool waterfall.  It’s really rejuvenating to have the waterfall on while I read the Bible. And there it was, two of the smallest birds I have ever seen.  They were not humming birds.  Which occasionally drop by when  God really wants to be kind.  They were small green birds sitting in the waterfall.  The next thing I know, one of the birds starts flipping and dipping in the water.  The cutest bird butt shaking I have ever seen.  The birds were using my pool waterfall to drink, bath, and refresh themselves on a  hot day.  What would have happened if I didn’t come outside this morning? Would they have been able to drink or bath in the sun?

“Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not of more value than they” Matthew 6:26 ESV

All I could I do was cry.  God used my pool as a visual reminder that he will provide for me and my baby birds.  If he can use a backyard pool to take care of the birds and the bees, won’t he do it for me?  God is not a liar, he can not fail us.  He does not forget our basic needs, he provides for us.  He will use a pool at Bethesda or the pool in my backyard to reveal his great nature.  I admonish you to just thank him for his goodness and mercy, providing in ways we never see coming.  Providing for things we didn’t know we needed.  And the times he blessed us when we didn’t deserve it.  I just thank him for it all his goodness, the birds, the bath, and the refreshing times when the heat is on.


Dear Lord,

Help us to remember who provides for our every need.  Help us to remember that you love us and will make a way out of no way.  You love and sustain us even when we don’t deserve it.  Thank you for everything you are constantly doing.  In Jesus name. Amen.

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