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One thing at a time-Part 2

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This morning in my quiet time, I felt like God asked me what I was seeking after.  He has met all of my needs, now what more can I ask for?  And then it hit me, I’m not really enjoying what I have.  As weird as it sounds, I don’t find joy in most of my life.  I mean I have a level of joy for my kids, events, and things.  But am I really enjoying the moments of life?

Immediately, my eyes fall on my open Bible to John 2, the Wedding at Cana.  This story is pretty fascinating today from a different lens.  As I began to look at the text, I realized God was speaking directly to me about enjoying life and it’s great moments.  I’m not deflecting the dark pit moments we have to drag through, I’m talking about the priceless moments that sometimes pass us by.

If your reading the text, you will see Jesus and his Mother at a wedding…….Okay, pause for a moment.  The son of God, goes to weddings!  I can’t picture  Jesus doing the electric slide at my wedding, can you? Seriously, the savior of the world walks into my family function and the record would scratch.  Yet, Jesus is there at a wedding, clearly enjoying a moment with friends and family.

The big moment, is when his Mother Mary rolls up and says the wine is gone.   This sounds like my Mother, but let’s keep going.  Like a good son, Jesus turns six stone jars of water into what sounds like Caymus wine.  Can you imagine seeing this as a servant at the wedding.  You’ve been serving “pounding headache” cheap wine all night then Jesus rolls up with the Coppola.  Ha! He could have said No, He could have condemned them for drinking to much. Or he could have honored his Mothers wishes for the wedding, and help offer some good wine.

Theologically, this is the beginning of Jesus miracles and his identity as the son of God.  I could keep going from a theological stand point on the miracle, but I would rather stay in a simple truth, God loves us enough to give us grace for enjoyment of life’s moments.  Jesus is at a wedding clearly a guest, not the officiant.  He obeys his Momma, who like most Mothers will put you on the spot.  He doesn’t want the celebration to end on a low note.  What an amazing and caring God he is.

Most of us have heard that preached from a water to wine miracle, but what about the subtle truths in the story?  Jesus was invited, he was present, he was enjoying the moment, and he wanted to see those around him happy.  I just want to try and model this in my current season.  Sometimes I get so hard on myself.  At times I feel like I”m not supposed to enjoy the fruit of my labor.  At times, the enemy lies and says that enjoying life is a sin or guilty pleasure.  It’s far from the truth.  In fact, I think God delights in seeing us joyful no matter what season we are in.  I believe that God desires to see me smiling and present in the good times.  When we are grateful and rejoicing in Gods goodness, it’s like thanking God in the highest way.  And at any time Jesus can show up to my events with his miracle touch.  Let’s try graduation in June, I’m going to set out my stone jars and let him turn them into some great wine (figuratively, not literally). I just wonder what this next phase of my life will start looking like if I show up when I’m invited, serve others, be present, bring joy, and keep the party going???Time to start enjoying life and living it the right way.


Dear Lord,

Help us to enjoy the moments in life that are precious and priceless.  Remind us to invite you into our events and family time.  Show us that you make the events fun and bright.  God please be present in everything that we do. May you move without restraint in our everyday lives. In Jesus Name.  Amen.

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