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One Message,Part 2

You are inadequate! I am inadequate! There I said it.  We can move on now.

All week long, I have received calls from hurting women.  Everyone feels inadequate to face another hurdle, challenge, or day in this life.  I understand this feeling, discouraging thoughts and feelings visit me often.

Oh hello Elijah (IKings19:4) you are inadequate as well, but your prayer life is not.  In his darkest moment of feeling down and his awesome pity party, he finds the words to pray.

In our own strength we are incapable and inadequate to face the task at hand.  This is not a pep rally for gifts and talents on power play, I”m referring to a life journey that is hard to face without God.  Lets look closer at the task.  Elijah, a grown man prophet called by God to do great and mighty things for God, is now running from a woman and ready to commit suicide.

He prays, God shows up.

He rest and eats, God shows up.

God knows us very well.  We will turn our backs or shun him, when were hungry or thirsty.  Be honest, you know you stop listening to the Preacher if your belly starts to grumble.  Out comes the gum or peppermints.  Nothing more discouraging than starving stomachs during the climax of a great sermon (more on this later).

God provided provision for Elijah, because Elijah sought him.  Even in his sorrow, he cried out to God.  And like a  loving Father, he shows up.

Where do we find our affirmation, confirmation, and security?

In the presence of God (IKings19:13) Elijah gets back on his feet, back on task, equipped, secure, and purpose driven in the presence of God.

We are so secure and satisfied in the presence of God.  No other place can we find peace, rest, assurance, grace, and strength for this journey except in the presence of God.

God is enough.

Pity Party’s and thoughts of Peppermints.

God is enough.

“His Mercies begin afresh each morning”, Lamentations 3:23NLT

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