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One message, Part 1

Running! And more running.  That’s what we do right?

I run, you run, we run.  The first sign of direst and we’re out.

Like Miss Sophia says in the movie Color Purple, “All my life I had to fight”.

Fight or flight.

Some are born to fight, some are trained to fight, and others fight because they have to.  But the rest of us would rather just take off in flight.

We find a runner running in the book first Kings.  One of the most important prophets in the Bible, is found running for his life after defeating a huge battle.  Prophet Elijah versus 400 Baal prophets.  Guess who one that battle? You guessed it, Elijah.

A few verses later, we find him running for his life.  Why would God’s chosen prophet be running for his life after defeating over 400 Baal prophets (1Kings18:20-40)?

One message from the Queen Jezebel.  And he was out.

Can you imagine what this looked like?  A prophet of the most high God, defeated over 400 fake prophets in front of the nation of Israel.  Instead, of preparing for the next task or assignment from God we find the same prophet running for his life after receiving a threat from an evil Baal worshipping Queen Jezebel(1Kings19:1-3).  Fascinating story in the Bible.  A prophet of God, afraid of an evil Queen who makes death threats.  Jezebel upset about Elijah killing her prophets starts making threats (more on this later).

Think about it for a second.

God equips and prepares us for his tasks.  We obey and complete an assignment.  Then one email or text comes from an evil source and were out, running for our lives,ready to die (1Kings19:4).  This can’t be.

God finds Elijah fearful, discouraged, and ready to end his life after one message from Jezebel (more on Jezebel later).  What does God tell Elijah “Rest and Eat”?  God will always provide rest and provision when we are weak.  He wont send us into battle without the proper equipping, “rest and eat” he says again(1Kings19:7).

Life is a battle and a journey, and sometimes, one just needs to rest and eat.  Rest is an integral part of this journey.  You can not prepare properly for the test, task, and battles without rest and proper provision.  God will always desire to give his children all that is needed to accomplish his will and plan for their lives.  And one letter from the evil one, can’t stop what God has planned for our lives.  We must remember the ways God has been faithful and provided when were ready to run or give up.  If you’re in the heat of battle, victorious over battle, or about to enter into battle “Rest and eat”.

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One Response to “One message, Part 1”

By Lisa Bacon - 26 October 2016 - Reply

Dona, thanks for rest and eat. Rest in the situation, get fed spiritually and then watch God provide fulfillment. Love it, no better place to be than in God’s bosom and His flavorful Word. What an encouraging thought ❤️❤️️

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