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Old Yeller

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Yesterday in the Church parking lot, my children decided to act foolish which resulted in my five year old getting her foot slammed in the car door.  I immediately got in the car and berated all the children because of the games and tirades I was fed up with.  I was yelling so loud my throat and nose began to itch.  As Mothers, why do we fool ourselves into thinking that yelling grabs the attention or obedience of our children?  If I really do the math, it does nothing my but dry my mouth out and cause my forehead to crinkle like cheap leather.  But for some reason I continue to yell at my kids as though they are going to get their acts together and behave like precious children.  Not going to happen.  My children obviously have built in mind and hearing mechanisms that can strategically tune me out and deflect my wrath.  Their micro chips are quite sophisticated that even the highest pitch in my voice will not rattle their cages- all I’m capable of getting is some ruthless tattling and or immature finger pointing.  Other than that there is no reform.  So after my daughter’s nine-year-old friend told me that I should be ready for a nap from all that “yelling”-I was completely shame and humiliated for my behavior.  From a child’s perspective yelling is tiresome and pointless.  At that moment I realized that 20 years of yelling has to be dealt with.  I’m a yeller and I’m not getting my point across, I’m just causing more confusion.  So today I’ve decided that as I journey to wholeness, I’m throwing another character flaw off my boat yelling!  God can’t use me to do anything while I’m yelling.  Humanly speaking, it feels real nice to raise the roof off the car, but at the end of the day it accomplishes nothing but cottonmouth and frown lines.  Another day of purging my yucky self-stuff, and hopefully one of these days there will be nothing left to eradicate.  But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. James 1:4

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By mollyminnette - 4 August 2009 - Reply

Wow, this hits home! I'm a yeller too and my children stand there looking at me like I'm crazy which upsets me even more (lol). Little do I know that as soon as the volume in my voice goes up, they start tuning me out so I'm completely wasting my breath & energy for nothing. I should know this too because I'm the same way but it's so easy to forget when emotions are running high.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and faith. Please keep writing…your words are very powerful.

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