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Oh hey David! Part 1

The Bible cracks me up inside, I know it was not written to me but for me.  The scriptures are loaded with pages of people I can relate too and others I’m in awe over.  Like King David, he is in the lineage of Jesus. A sheep herding, giant slaying, wife stealing, murdering, blind eye to bad sons, poor parenting, reckless decision making, beat you down in the street, man after God owns heart.  Yes, you heard correct.  God called David a man after his own his heart (1Samuel13:14ESV).  The Old Testaments favorite savage playboy, is God’s chosen King.

When I read certain scriptures or verses, I’m mortified and tickled. God is funny and not bashful, he chooses the most unqualified men and women to be heroes in the Bible.  Chew on that for a second, you may not be snatching wives or husbands, but you have the propensity to be evil.  Go ahead and admit it.  We are naughty by nature, without God in my life, I would be a bad series of Lord of the flies meets hunger games.  And you would to, even as you read this, your thoughts can wonder to something repulsive.  And that tickles me, it really does if were being honest.

Lately, I’ve been enamored with the life of David in 1Samuel and 2Samuel.  I’ve grown to love David.  I feel like we would have been good friends in high school, ditching class and sneaking to taco bell before heading to youth night Bible study.

Don’t judge me, most people struggle secretly with an infatuation with a low life, scripture quoting knuckle head at some point in their life.  Be honest people, I’m not the only one.  So I sit watching my favorite Old Testament hero, David “Mr. I’ll have your wife and your cattle”. God chose young David to replace Saul, not because he was a perfect kid who did everything right, in fact the things he did right were over looked by his own family.  Why would God choose David, his other brothers were more qualified to lead?

Your family may see you herding dirty sheep, God sees a King (1Samuel16). David was anointed to replace Saul as King, this changed the trajectory of his life forever, he thought he was the baby boy in the family with a destiny to serve the sheep and his family, little did he know he was being equipped and prepared for his destiny as the King of Israel and the line of the coming Messiah.

Join me as I share some funny things about David, that make me laugh and or shiver in my core.  I’m not sure if you have a hunger games spirit or a heart after God, either way Gods hand is upon his called and chosen.  I’m personally, somewhere between the boiler room and the throne room, and Gods okay with that, his hand is on me and he’s moving.  Allow the life of David and his relationship with God to be a blessing to your soul and your maturation in Christ.

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