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Oh Hey David! Part 5

The Bible is a beautiful Love story, of hope and redemption for fallen humanity.  Your probably clutching your pearls thinking, really we’ve seen battle, rape, adultery, and mayhem.  No really it is beautiful how God chose the life of David to display to us the story of how he loves us, consistently pursues us, and desires to be known by us.  All of us.  Israel was the Chosen people to display the majesty and power of how God never gives up on his creation, even when we rebel and reject him.

From a theological stand point, it is hard to comprehend some of the ways God dealt with humanity in the Old Testament.  If you look from a loving stand point, he loves mankind.  He loves the sinner, hates the sin.  No way around that.  He is a God of peace and war, discipline and discipleship.  His love is unconditional and relentless.

I’m still on David, not because I want to, but because I want to understand how God never changes then and now.  David went through  a lot after being anointed King of Judah and Israel.  Life happens and it’s not always majestic to the royal one.  They begged for a King, God was not good enough.  Yet we see him getting stones, dust, and curses thrown at him.  He’s even hunted down by his own son.  Who wants this God? I’m not sure about you, but things could get out of hand if I see someone pick up a stone or a hand full of dirt to throw in my face.  Sorry God, your going to have find someone else, I’m going back to the old me.

Not David, the Bible says  “The King and all the people with him arrived at their destination exhausted.  And there he refreshed himself” 2Samuel16:14ESV.   A real Leader, knows how to slip away and refresh him or herself.  Refresh is restore, revive, fortify, revitalize, enliven, and reinvigorate.  Can you vision this man with dirt on him, probably bruised by stones, and fighting off a curse? Because we saw David early in the book of Samuel and the book Psalm worshipping, my guess is that he probably refreshed through prayer, meditation on God, and worship of God. Meditating and worshipping are the best ways to detach from the cares of life and attach to the one who created life.  Meditating is not emptying my mind and detaching from reality, it emptying my cares at the feet of Jesus while I vision his life and will for me.  Refresh yourself this season, as life happens and things are out of your control.  Take a walk, take a nap, don’t move for a few days.  Go visit that friend you’ve been wanted to catch up with, read a good book, listen to Jazz, memorize your favorite scripture.  Refresh your mind, body, and soul in the love of God who is the restoration and energy of humanity.

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” (1John3:1NIV)

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