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Oh hey David! Part 4

Can you keep up with King David? I can’t.

Battles and Blessings! This sums up the Old testament life of David.  One minute he’s fighting for the people and anointed King over Judah and Israel, the next he’s knee deep in rebellion and sin.  What kind of Leader is this? Oh wait, David sounds real familiar right?

I know you good Bible reading scholars are following the story with me, jump over to 2 Samuel 13.

Sin has to be dealt with! Unchecked sin, leads to more sin, and eventually death. Set stage for family secrets and dysfunction.   David’s son Amnon rapes his sister Tamar.  Her older brother, Absalom is furious but says keep quiet don’t blow it out of proportion.  King David the Father protector ignores it all.  He does not deal with the sin of his first born son and or the broken purity and heart of his daughter Tamar.  Sin,Sin,Sin, and more sin.

Absalom, the oldest brother full of anger, resentment, rage, and rebellion kills his brother Amnon, while his sister lives unmarried and broken.  Sounds like a movie not the Bible, right.

A man after Gods own heart, has allowed the sin of his past to affect his children (2Samuel 11).  Are we shocked that his sons have the same lustful, murdering, and rebellious souls within them?  No we are not shocked, David killed a man so he could cover up an affair and then took the dead’s man wife as his own. Deacon by day, dirt ball by night.  Don’t judge David, we all have a little of this in us.  Yes! You do!

Generational cycles are real. History will repeat itself with or without your permission.

As parents, we blow it.  We don’t mean to set our kids up for failure, but sometimes our unresolved sin, can affect the next generation if it is not dealt with in a healthy godly way.

I’m learning things about my DNA that are shocking, almost terrifying.  To find out some of my family history as an adult is crazy.  I see a patterns of brokenness, divorce, fear, abandonment, adultery, abortion, etc. to name a few.  Sin unchecked will repeat it self.  If you love to sneak in to the movie theaters without paying, your kids may want to to.  If you are racist, you kids may be to.  If you are bitter and angry all the time, your kids may…………. you get it right?

Side note, God hates rape, among many other sins, I needed to point out and caution the violation of young girls and women as ungodly and evil (Deuteronomy 22) and Gods vengeance is real against those who harm the souls of others through trauma, more on that later.

As a Parent, not my kids God, I am held accountable to deal and face certain sin patterns and behaviors in their lives.  I’m not their Holy Spirit, but, I am the one who holds the iron fist and rod of righteousness in my right hand.  I am a sinner, I parent sinnerlings, it’s my job to see a pattern of destruction and cut it at the root, end of story.  The world nowadays tells us that our kids should be in control, free to express themselves, and discipline is jail time.

I share my past experiences with my girls, there is healing power in that.  I disarm the power of the past, by sharing and examining the ways past sin can hurt them, detach them from God, and sever relationships.  As we enter Resurrection season, I’m compelled to face some unchecked sin in my own life.  Disobeying God is costly, very costly.  I’m cleaning up a mess God told me to avoid 2 years ago.  I was too afraid to move, so here I am, in battle when God wanted me in blessing.

Moving into the future doesn’t mean I harp or pity the past, it means that in my spiritual formation has to be an honest inventory of the ways I rebelled or sinned against Gods will and his loving commands. His leading and guidance is not only for our good, but good for the ones coming up behind us.  Jesus life and death calls for a response from me and you, sin has to be accounted for and I’m so grateful I find that my sin has an answer in him at the foot of the cross.

“The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23 NLT)”.

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