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Oh hey David! Part 3

My favorite line from my favorite movie The Color Purple is, “All my life I had to fight”.  This scene in the movie, is the running mantra of my sisters and I.  Some are handed things in life, while others of us have to fight.  I”m like David, I don’t want to fight, but I will if  have to.  David, had to fight his whole life.

David, is the mighty stud warrior doing his thing and shows up to an empty house.  It’s all gone. The house, the stuff, the marriage, the friends, and the provision.  But not the promise (1Samuel 30ESV).

David and his army had to literally go fight to get their wives, children, and possessions back.  You and I have an adversary who likes to plunder our life, stealing things that don’t belong to him.  You may awaken one day, asking God like I did “How did I get here”?  “God where did my life go”? When Saul faced adversity and he didn’t hear from God he sought mediums, this displeased God.  David faced darkness, he sought the Lord (1Samuel30:6-8 ESV).  God may allow the provision and preparation to go under siege, but the promise stays in tact.  God kept David alive to reign as King over Israel, Saul lost his life and had his head chopped off(1Samuel31). Warm and fuzzy study time feelings with your morning coffee.

David defeated his enemy and God restored to him his family, his friend’s family, possession’s, and spoil to share with everyone (1Samuel 30:18-20).  David sought God’s opinion and desire, he didn’t allow the tragedy to shape his life or mind set.  He went to God and asked for wisdom, guidance, and help.  He beat the Amalekites because God told him to do so.

Sometimes life is one scream away from “Help me Jesus, the enemy has me surrounded”.  It’s okay, to admit your helpless and terrified to fight.  That honesty before God, shaped David into the King he would later become.  David was far from perfect, but his pursuit of God was on point. He understood who was in control and who held the key to his life.  He could have left the women and children in captivity and went on with his life.  David was the pretty boy player, snatching up another wife was never the issue, accomplishing Gods will and purpose was the issue for David. Choosing to obey Gods desire to defeat the enemy and release his people from bondage developed his leadership skills and his role as future King.

While some of you would throw a small gala if you came home one day and the wife,the kids, your favorite flat screen, and little Fluffy were gone.  Others would be ready for battle.  Seek God in what his plan for your life is, don’t digress over what your missing, ask God what he wants you to access through the adverse trial.  Encourage yourself, remain faithful to God no matter how many gains or loses life throws you.

Memory Verse:

“David strengthened himself in the Lord his God” (1Samuel30:6ESV)

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