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Last week Bobby and I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Napa Valley.  We stayed in the most relaxing little cottage in Calistoga.  It was the most relaxing two days I’ve had all year, so needless to say I got my sleep on.  Yes, I am not shy to admit that I enjoyed lots of rest and I felt very fortunate to do so.  As a mother and the wife of an athlete sometimes I feel rushed or busied a lot.  At times there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  So when my husband invited me to take a break for some “R and R”, I politely indulged.  I know what your thinking “Isn’t her life made in the shade already”?  Being married to an athlete brings many people to assume that I may eat skittles and champagne for breakfast, lay by the pool with m & ms for lunch, and nibble on lobster for dinner.  Well it’s not like that, although my family and I would love to eat skittles for breakfast, we don’t!  Were just like every other family in society that has to make it happen, survive, and keep things running on time.  I”m just like every other Mother in America, constantly on my feet and sometimes in need of a nap.  My Mother and husband were teasing me one night about my desire to sneak a nap in from time to time; I went from laughing to highly annoyed.  The nerve of them to make jokes of my sleepiness, so I did just want any annoyed Mother would do, I clocked out.  I politely told them I was taking Mothers Day week off.  I recanted later for fear of the consequences.  So at the end of my Napa trip and we were finally packing up to head back home, the bell man says to us over his shoulder “I hope you enjoyed your stay, sometimes you gotta just take care of yourself”.  I stopped for a second, looked to the hills, and completely agreed.  No matter whose gonna laugh or get offended-take care of yourself. Whether it’s a nap, a walk, or a simple treat make sure to take care of numero uno!  And it’s no coincidence that NAP is the root word for NAPA!  May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalms 90:17

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