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May 30th my family had the privilege of watching my girls perform in their spring dance show.  It was a mixture of hip hop, tap, ballet, and break dancing.  The two of them along with the other children worked really hard to prepare and put on a great show.  It was fantastic to see that my children inherited their fathers ability to perform in front of large crowds without being shy.  Amazing, because I was a shy child- I loved to perform just not in front of a crowd.  It reminded me of a time when my parents took my twin sister and I to a T.V. show screening.  On the way there we were full of spunk, charisma, and cuteness.  However, when that spotlight got to shining- we were like turtles in their shells-flipped on their backs.  We would have no parts of the spotlight.  So that brings me to my little Sarah, she is full of spunk, charisma, cuteness, and a swig of sass.  All day long she is dancing around the house, singing, performing, and hair flinging.  Oh yes her hair flings so much I’m quite sure it has caused her ends to split even further than normal. Because she is my mini me, I sometimes wonder does she get her personality from me and is the saying true “Apple don’t fall far from the tree”.  Is that what I looked like as a small child?  Is she  me my mirror image?  Is Sarah all these things because of me?  Maybe so, my cute little five year old reminds me of me when I was that age.  It tickles me to tears sometimes to see myself at that age doing all the things I did when I thought no one was looking.  Now after pondering this thought I began to wonder what I looked like as an adult?  Do I look like God is in me or do I look like myself a hair flingin’ five year old?  When people see me are they intrigued by this bright light or do they see Dona? Is my life about God’s business or is it about the world’s business?   At 32 years old I hope and pray that there is some resonating resemblance to my heavenly Father.  I hope my spunk, my charisma, my cuteness, and so on reflect his loving character.   After watching me would people want to come to Jesus’ show or would they turn the other way?  My #1 goal in life is to grow and mature into a person that looks and lives with God on the inside.  It’s easier said than done, because I still have the desire to run from the spotlight.  Growing up is hard especially if your trying to do it the right way.  Every day should be a day that we practice to perform for a great and loving God, and even when we fall we have to remind ourselves that it’s a process and not a one time performance. “I am the vine you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

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By Andrea - 23 June 2009 - Reply

I just had a similar experience with my oldest girls. Ayanna and Zari both decided, without prodding from Dameon and I, to participate in their schools' talent shows. I was thoroughly amazed and impressed by the sheer belief in self that my girls must possess to be able to stand before their peers and allow themselves to be so "exposed". What courage and faith it takes to have done what they did! I know I could not have done it myself. Fear of failure, fear of being judged, and just plain old fear, would have kept me from doing the same at their age. Amazing the lessons that we can learn from our children.

By mollyminnette - 4 August 2009 - Reply

Your writing is evidence of your faith and I clearly see Jesus in you as I read these postings. Thank you for sharing and leading with your faith.

I pray everyday that my children encounter the right kind of people and situations in their lives to bring them to Jesus and make them realize that everything else will just fall into place if we live on Purpose and focus on our Savior. As kids go…they aren't really trying to hear it from their parents so I am grateful for others that are willing to share their faith. Isaiah has enjoyed reading your blog and it's quite possible that is causes him to "stop & think".

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