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Manipulate or Manifest……

Manipulate or Manifest?

We are Sojourners on this road to wholeness in Christ, in order to really stop playing games, we have to pull off the road for a second, and have some nitty gritty moments.  There’s smoke and fumes.  Veer over at the next rest stop.

Manipulate or manifest…….That keeps popping into my head.  The still silent voice, keeps nudging me.  I answer back.  My manipulative days are over God, let’s move on.  Manipulate or Manifest?

I’d rather sit and listen to a Podcast on blogging. But my mind keeps going back.

Both hands raised high, I’m guilty of manipulating and being manipulated.  Trying to gain control over people, places, and circumstances.  I feverishly, try to make things happen on my own, in my own strength.  Manipulating people is a fast track to failure and disappointment. Manipulating life is depressing and draining.  But we do it anyway.

Studying the Pentateuch, I’m overwhelmed with the manipulation of men and women.  I’ll focus on the women for now, because I know exactly how we can get, when we want our way.

God wants to manifest his glory, power, and love to his rebellious children, yet our manipulation is like an unattended child in a candy store.  Let’s take a look, and see if any of this looks familiar today…….

Jacob manipulates his brothers birth right for stew Genesis 25:29-34

Laban manipulates Jacob, and he ends up with two wives who are blood sisters, who end up manipulating each other Genesis 29

Tamar manipulates Judah and acts like a prostitute in order for him to take care of her Genesis 38

My favorite manipulative woman of all time is Jezebel, manipulating and destroying Kings out of their destiny and seducing them out of their right to worship the one true God 1Kings21:7, more on her later.

Where are you at? Manipulating people or allowing God to manifest his glory and power?

If were being honest, I’m in the middle. No judgey eyes please.

I want control over everything.  But the moment I see all hell breaking loose, I climb in the trunk, seeking Gods glory and power to be unleashed while he is manifesting his will and purpose for me and those around me.  That’s how it goes, after we snatch the wheel from him.  I’m not the only one people!!!!!

Even writing and blogging can be manipulative, it can be a time when I force my ideas, opinions, or personal theology on others.  It may not be my intentions, but left to my fears, worries, and emotions I can accomplish just that.  Totally defeating the call to lead, instruct, guide, or sojourn in a strange time and place with some sojourners who need refreshing truth in a safe loving way through Biblical truth.

Where am I?

Manipulating or allowing the presence of God through is his son Jesus to have complete control over every corner of my life? Your life, and their life.

I”m thinking out loud, because it’s easier written, than actually fleshed out in reality.  When I get up from this computer, I may want to manipulate something or someone.

Lighten up, I”m just kidding people.  My labor is not in vain.

If Jesus lives in me, why do I still have the propensity to manipulate and control and then mask it behind good intentions or positive motives?

I love what Jesus told his disciples when he was speaking of the perilous times, that would come…..

And Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray” (Matthew 24:4 ESV)

If we are going to grow up and navigate the planes of life, we have to have some rude honest moments with ourselves.  It’s good for us, Jesus loved a good confrontation.   No comfort zones, we journey on.

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