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This morning I woke up got my kids off to school and then had some quiet time with God.  It was quiet time that I realized  needed to be about him.  In my pursuit of growth and spiritual maturity, I have made him a habit instead of honoring him out of love.  I have penciled him into my schedule that should always prioritize him-not fit him in.   At that very moment, through prayer and devotion-I realized that my quiet time was not about him it’s  about me.  I go through the motions of reading, praying, and then giving God a nice pat on the head before I get my day started.   “Thanks God for the word, I’ll check in later”.  Well he loves me enough to remind me that it’s all or nothing.  This morning I realized the weird void in my life is when I miss the opportunity to just sit and love on God.  How refreshing it is to realize that I have a love affair that will never fail.  It is so peaceful and restful to know that sometimes all I have to do is just sit down and enter into his presence(quietly).  Love is an action to me, it’s not just an emotion-my love for him ought to motivate me to just enjoy him without prayer requests, complaining, or rushing.  And in return I get to feel the cool breeze of his unfailing love towards me.  That’s all he wants from me, is a love relationship.  He wants my heart!  How precious that is to know that he waits for us to come to the realization that he doesn’t calculate our studies, our prayers, or our works-he quantifies the size of the love for him in our hearts.  If it were our boyfriends, husbands, children, or relatives we would jump at the opportunity to spend time and love on them, why is it so hard to return that love to him that created Love?  Love has to be active, love is the strong desire to make the other happy.  As I aim to make my family happy, I want make sure God is at the top of the list.  I can’t afford to forget to make deposits into his love account.  It is so sweet to find  a true love that is unconditional, I realized today that I want to return the love to the sender.  Jesus paid a price for us on the Cross, but,our love for him in return  is priceless!

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