Have you ever had your rear view mirror fall off? This morning, I experienced my rear view mirror falling off my windshield.  Strange, bizarre, and unwanted-there it was dangling in the air.  All I could do is pray.

This last two weeks have had the power to take me down to a place, I’m not willing to go.  One thing after another, I fight through the one moment that exposes my King Kong attributes and my deep desire to snap on the unsuspecting.  I toil with my flesh, yet my spirit is pushing through.

In the book of Job, God allowed Satan to attack Job, not because he was a naughty or fake.  But God allowed Job to be attacked because he was a faithful servant.  His faith was tested, tried by fire, and constantly questioned by those he loved. He lost his wife, kids, career, livelihood, and his friends.  I try to rehab my materialistic inner beast, sometimes victorious other times defeated. I enjoy wins over losses, and prefer to lead my own drum in my own band.  I don’t like loosing, yet I find myself looking at Job and his losses with clinched knuckles and a tight jaw.  My loss category is taking a hard hit.

Job took the most losses recorded in the Bible, laying in sores he says “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” Job 13:15 NKJV.  Even though the losses are like right hooks and quick body blows, I will trust God.  He is a God of Yes and Amen, if I loose it’s because he has wins around the corner. If I”m down, in him I am up.  God is good to me, no matter what.  I live in that truth.  Pain is purpose.  We may not see it today, but we will through his revelation and power.  Even in loss and this mirror dangling in my face, I trust God.  He is perfect in all that he does, he makes no mistakes and takes all that we need into great account.

Life is full of wins and losses, with each loss there is a lesson.  I will trust God no matter which bracket I check off today.  If God is for me, who can be against me? Broken mirrors and all, Gods hand is on my life and there’s nothing I can do it about it.  Be blessed and stay in trust.


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