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Iron sharpens Iron


Finally, I”m able to allow myself to be vulnerable and transparent around people. Women in particular.  I never could trust or be trusted.  And I lived with my fist balled, white knuckles all the time.  It’s not easy releasing that part of me, its my defense mechanism.

When you’ve been hurt by people or had a wall kicked down by someone you trusted, you take on the “eat or be eaten” mentality. I did, and sometimes still struggle with this mentality.  So after finding out that it’s okay to be vulnerable and bare, I surround myself with people who make me better.

Here comes the shift.

In the past, I wanted people around me who made me feel good, or condoned my behaviors.  I wanted to be around pity party people, or people who made me question my faith.  Now, I realize that I want to be people that make me better, wiser, godly, filled with faith, smarter, and really just kind people.  I had to cut off several people, for all the right reasons.  Family included.  They tried to dull my Spirit, my shine, my light, my purpose, or my growth.

When your young or maturing, it’s hard to recognize when someone secretly or involuntarily weakens your potential or purpose.  If were not careful, those people will have a greater influence and voice over us than God.  I can’t allow that anymore for me or my children.  This morning I prayed that prayer, “God remove anyone that does sharpen my life or purpose”.  I asked God to reveal the people, places, or things that dull my destiny.  Setting healthy boundaries with humans, is a great place to shift your mind set for maturation and growth.  I’m taking inventory.  I want to be around the ones that allow my light to shine for Gods glory and my good. So long negative Nelly and sorry Sally, we have to break up now.  My vision, destiny, and purpose can no longer hang in the balance of people who are not spiritually edifying.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 NIV

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