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Have you lost your mind?

  • Posted on August 21, 2018


Have you every used the words “have you lost your mind”? I usually yell this to one of my girls after they have foolishly done or said something that didn’t make sense.  I grew up hearing this from my parents and now I do it to my own.  However, in the last four months I have caught myself in mid sentence.  Watching someone you love battle mental illness brings truth and pain to reality.  If you are blessed with a clear mind, thank God.  It is truly a blessing to be clothed in your right mind. And yet there is so much out here now that can cause us to loose our minds.

There is a silent battle for our minds.  A silent war is on to get our minds wrapped on evil and darkness, not the light of God.  If you don’t believe me turn on the news or Facebook.

We live in an age where we are uploading negativity all day long with one click or swipe.  It’s that simple.  A good day or motive can turn bad with one click.  Trust me, it happens to me at random times.  So after a recent crisis, I have decided to start building my mind, going upstream in my brain, and downloading good not evil.  If it feels like a lie, it probably it is.  If it feels fake, it probably is.  If it feels euphoric, run!

I guess what I’m leading at is this, be careful with your mind.  Protect it from the darkness of this age, cover it with light and the truth of Gods word and love.  Only God is good, everything else is simply trying to reflect that in a superficial way.  It’s time to start watching what we watch, what we say, what we listen to, what we spend our time with, and where we land our feet.  I’m sure we all know the places that trip us up.  The devil is no longer playing guessing games with us.  He is using every portal, person, place, or thing to divert our attention and hearts away from God.  And the first place he starts is in the mind.  It’s like a garden, we either nurture it with scripture for a bounty of beauty; or we allow the dirt and weeds of the world to bring destruction and calamity.

I struggle with mind games of the enemy.  And if I’m not careful, it’s his voice my mind will listen to.  Yet, when I open my word with prayer, my heart and mind will not stand for it.  Gods voice has to be the only voice our minds should rely on daily.  Not even our own voices are trustworthy.  Our emotional voices can trick our minds as well.  It’s time to be careful and super cautious with what our minds absorb, this is directly related to matters of the heart.  It determines the direction and decisions of our lives.  Lies versus truth.  Battles versus blessings.  Victories versus defeats.  Today I encourage you not to loose your mind, but protect it, build it up in truth, and exercise the beauty of Christ who wants to reside inside in your mind and heart.


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