Thank goodness! Have you ever wondered who goodness is? People say it all the time.  I have been a repeat offender of this term or declaration.  Thank goodness! Who are we thanking when we say that?  I sometimes wonder does God raise his eyebrow when we say that.  You get a parking spot in a busy lot, thank goodness.  You make your flight, thank goodness.  Your favorite movie comes on cable, thank goodness.  The sun is shining thank goodness.

I love what David declares in Psalm 27:13-14 “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living,Wait for the Lordbe strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

He doesn’t declare some random thought on goodness, he is praising God for seeing his goodness in the land of the living.  And this is good.  So good! I have been chewing on Psalm 27.  For many reasons.  I have battles and blessing on the horizon. I could focus on the battles or I can thank God for his goodness and mercy.  I can wait in confidence and enjoy that promise.  God wants us all to enjoy his goodness in the land we live in.  We don’t have to see it in Heaven, we can see it and experience it now.

For me and a few other Mommas, it came this past Saturday. We gathered in front of friends and family to send my daughter off to Prom.  No biggie, thank goodness-right? Wrong, it was a source of stress and strife for she and I.  I was so worried about this day, I wanted it to be perfect and special for her Senior year.  The only thing is, we had no dress! Four days before Prom, I was in the pews of Hillsong asking God for his goodness and kindness for a perfect prom.  Seems trivial and simple, well it wasn’t.  My soul was uneasy, watching my child squirm at the thought of too much pomp and circumstance.

Thank God! For his loving answers to every detail of the day. Prom was amazing, tears, laughter, and toasting.  The day was perfect! Instead of focusing on all the negatives things that could go wrong, I trusted his promise to me and my daughter.  He wants us to enjoy our lives, he wants us to enjoy his goodness.  God delights in blessing his children.  He finds joy in knowing that we can wait for him to be the answer to all of our needs, including something as simple as a Prom dress.

Sometimes I get so focused on the potential “badness” that I forget to enjoy the “goodness”.  God wants that for us, he doesn’t fold his arms hoping we miss out on great things.  He is a giving God who wants to show us great and good things while we are alive on earth.  And he wants us to enjoy him.  It’s time to shift our minds and hearts to a place where we can enjoy the big and little things that are good in our lives, even when bad is all around.  Thank God for that.  He is good!


Dear Lord,

Help us to be grateful for the great things you are doing for us and through us.  Let us shift our minds to things that are good.  Take our eyes off of what we don’t have and put on them you and what you have given us.  Let us enjoy the lives we live in the goodness of your arms in the land of the living.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

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