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Dear Momma

As I read the book of Luke, I’m immediately reminded of all the great Mommas around the world. Mothers day just passed and it got me to thinking.  Motherhood is one of the toughest jobs in the world.

If I carry a human in my belly and gained unwanted pounds in the process, I can Mother how I want.  Yes, I reserve that right under the authority of Christ.  If I decide to serve donuts for breakfast, I could.  Not that I would, but I could.  I respect Mothers all over the world trying not to blow it while blowing it raising kids.

How precious of me to stumble on a Mothers day moment in Luke as the Angel Gabriel appears to Mary (Luke 1).  History and Jewish custom tells us that Mary was a teenager.  She is preparing to finalize (betroth) her marriage to Joseph.  I don’t have to recite the details, but I would love to sit and reflect on the courage and boldness of a teenage Mother about to conceive a child through the Holy Spirit.

I don’t know about you but if my teenage daughter came home and said she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit; I would blow all my gaskets.  It would not be a pretty situation for anyone involved.  But I’m not raising Mary the Mother of Jesus, so let’s move on.

How many teenager Mothers could respond to the birth of the Messiah with Mary’s response? She was willing to take on the process of possible shame, stoning, and rejection.  God in his infinite loving ways, chose a teenage virgin to carry our Lord into the world.  This made no sense.  Many godly women around the temple, married, and experienced could have carried the savior into the world.  Yet he chose a teenager to deliver the incarnate God.

Two things stand out, God doesn’t look for the most qualified to carry out his will and purpose. Second, God must think highly of women, to choose one to deliver himself into the world.

Maybe we sit and reflect on a God who can use the most unqualified, and least suspecting Momma in mighty ways.  Let’s reflect on the ways he used a teen age girl to connect the world to himself.  Mary the Mother of Jesus is seen through out the New Testament playing a huge role in the life and ministry of Christ.  If you’re a Mom, consider yourself a very special person in Gods creation and plan for humanity.  The role comes with major responsibility and eternal reward.

“Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Luke1:38 ESV

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