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Confessions of a Mad Black Woman

Today we came home from a birthday party, I was rushing to get dinner ready and all the kids out the door to Bible Study in thirty minutes.  Of course, it seemed as though everyone had other agendas besides helping.  The Elementary’s decided to set up an art gallery on the same counter I was using to cut up raw chicken and vegetables.  The infant wanted to be in someones lap and not in a bouncy seat.  The pre teens wanted to worship the T.V. God, and the Man wanted to browse the Internet for new shoes.  Wow!  No one seemed interested in making the Woman’s time peaceful so she could keep them from bloating their bellies on winky dinky dogs by cooking a healthy meal.  The nerve of these people, I’m trying to keep them alive a little longer by cooking healthy and this is what I got in return.  I could feel the anger welling up in the pit of my stomach, if anger had a smell it would smell like old Bologna and cheese with collard greens on top.  I was ready to release the foulness of anger and let it explode like a  nuclear missile.  I wanted to walk out that kitchen risking salmonella and all sorts of madness and leave my inconsiderate family to their ways.   I wanted to leave them in the hands of hot dogs (and not the good kosher ones), but the fatty ones made from the pinky toes of pigs. But then I caught a glimpse of a man named Jesus and my mind shifted and my fist un-balled.  I kicked it in fifth gear, got that dinner cooked, quieted that baby with warm milk, shoved those kids in the car, and headed to Bible study.  All it took was one thought of Jesus and a silent moan in my loins and, nobody got slapped into Labor day.  Whew!  Jesus to the Rescue.  Bible study was blessed, but the chicken was salty.  “Be angry, yet do not sin” Ephesians 4:26

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By mollyminnette - 4 August 2009 - Reply

Love it! I'll remember this the next time I'm irritated and ready to serve my "sometimes" ungrateful kids cereal for dinner.

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