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Comfortable Tents

Have you ever pitched a tent?


Think long and hard about this, I don’t mean camping by a fire with S’mores, which by the way is not my thing.  I’m more of a glamper (glamorous camper), come out for the day, sit by the water and watch someone else pitch the tent.  I grew up in the city, and have no shame in admitting this.

Have you ever pitched a mental or emotional tent, in a comfort zone? Or woke up and wondered where you were or how you got there.  I do! All the time. Actually, I woke up and thought I was on vacation. In reality I was at home in my own bed, with a little person’s feet lodged in my spine.

It’s clear in California, we can get real cozy in a lifestyle, circumstance, job, ministry, a season, routine, neighborhood, city, etc.? I’m guilty of this, constantly having to check my temperature or the climate around me.

God has literally snatched the roof off of my cozy tent like living in different ways.  In fact, I think God scratches his head when I use or think the word “comfortable”.

Hear me out, we aren’t supposed to lives in distress wandering and drifting all the time with no where to go.  We do have a destination and eternal destination.  And this morning, I found myself thinking of my journey.  Where God has brought me and where he is taking me, especially since I have a small nation (three girls) to bring up.

Where do we pitch our tent?

In the Old Testament, they pitched tents.  And the tents were never connected to comfort and easy living.

See: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses

Noooooooooo! I say to myself, while my hands grip my steering wheel, I want to find one place and settle in. I’m tired.

Abraham pitched his tent in between Bethel and Ai Genesis 12:8. This is a great description of where I feel God may place some of us, in between godliness and an evil hot mess.  Or maybe your comfortable, and loving it.  

I don’t know People.  What I know is, God knows what he’s doing.  Even if it looks crazy and unpredictable to everyone around you.

The last thing we need, is to be in places that God would not have us or pitch our lives in other people’s tents, where they don’t belong.  It’s not a time, to rush ahead of the plan or promise.  Pitch your tent, where God says and wait, there is promise and blessing in that obedience.

Genesis 12:7 ESV Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.” So he built there an alter to the Lord, who had appeared to him”. 

I like to plan, organize, or get ahead of assignments.  But what if God is using my tent (life where he dwells) for the next generation, to bless his people? What if, can be scary and paralyzing. But what if God…….  What if God has a plan, and it entails me being uncomfortable in seasons for his glory?  What if people are watching my tent, wondering when I’m going to run for the hills, hide, and reject God? What if my tent, is a place where God can get my attention, be in relationship with me, and bless those around me?

Rich, unsettled, uncomfortable, in the midst of enemy territory, God used Abram to bring about a nation and a create history Genesis 12-50.

The narrative is not for us to write, let your uncomfortable, comfortable, or in the middle journey be written in the pages of Gods hands today.

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