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Comfort Zones

My husband and I decided to bring our entire family to Vegas for our boys AAU tournament. So we boarded a plane to Vegas and decided to have some family summer fun. After getting everyone settled in their seats and eating their lunch, I decided to try and rest my eyes. I was rather beat, and needed a quick power nap. It would have been the perfect nap, since we paid the $50 upgrade for first class. My baby fell asleep perfectly in my lap, and was snug as a bug in a rug. So why not get in where I fit in-right? Wrong! I could not get comfortable for the life of me. I did just about everything but twist into a pretzel shape. To no avail, I could not sleep. I was so frustrated, because I really needed a nap and longed to be comfortable. I live for comfort. So after 50 minutes of sheer discomfort, I decided to just pray. And in my silent prayer, I discovered something about me and God. God uses my discomfort to mature me. Whenever, I pitch a tent in a comfort zone-I’m too comfortable for growth and maturity. God uses my most uncomfortable times to teach me some of the most valuable lessons. These are the times that I can use to learn, to change, and re-align myself. Discomfort brings about Gods desired changes in my life. Comfort keeps me comfortable which means I”m distracted and probably procrastinating. Discomfort keeps me in a place that is focused on Christ and what he really wants out of my life. Don’t get it twisted I can be a woman with purpose in all circumstances, but, there’s nothing like some uncomfortable situation to light a fire under my feet, and in my heart.

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