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Amazing Grace

When I think of Grace I immediately think of my Grandmother who’s name was Grace. She could be found in “her seat” at the end of the fourth pew every Sunday hand clapping and giving “Amens” to the preachers sermon. She was a no nonsense type of woman. She was a pillar in my hometown Church, and was known for her strict and stern wisdom and her “shut it down” antics with misbehaving children. She was a beacon light but clearly kept a look of discernment and “no foolishness allowed” at all times. My siblings and I laugh about some of the “Aunt Grace” stories we remembered. So by my short description you can see how easily the word Grace can be associated with something opposite of the actual meaning, right? Grace Biblically speaking, is Gods favor and love we don’t deserve. I grew up thinking that good works kept you in Gods good graces. I, like most of you did not know that Grace is not something that we can earn. God because of his loving nature gave us Jesus on the cross as his first initial act of Grace. We didn’t deserve that! Dr. Charles Stanley expresses Grace like this “Every good thing that comes your way is an act of Gods Grace”. He goes on to say that hurt and pain, while they may invade cannot change the presence of God’s grace. Grace does not depend on circumstances. So as you sit at your computer reading this, Thank God for that. His grace is sufficient for us in a recession, his grace woke us up this morning, his grace has kept us all from being homeless, his grace can restore marriages, his grace keeps food on the table, his grace keeps our bodies healthy, and our minds right. Without grace how would any of us be surviving what the world calls a recession? Some of us don’t even comprehend how amazing his grace his when we lay down in our warm beds at night. His grace started with me when he gave me Jesus and then a stern Grandmother named Grace who prayed over me when I was in my mother’s womb. Grace is the love and blessing that we have everyday that we don’t even realize is there. Grace is Gods love for me even when I’m acting ugly, full of myself, and clearly undeserving of anyone’s love. “The Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord will give grace and glory; No good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly” Psalm 84:11

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By ~Lil' Velvet~ - 9 October 2009 - Reply

beautifully said Dona.

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