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Am I Gideon

Have you ever felt as if things were going no where, or God wasn’t listening to your prayers?  This summer has been very funny.  There have been weeks when God has answered every single prayer of mine and threw in some extras.  He is so Gracious and kind, and sometimes I don’t understand why.  I’m not a horrible person,but, there have been some days when God should have ignored me or put me on time out-but he didn’t he loves me and blesses me anyway. However, this week I have been feeling really weighed down with prayers that appear to be sitting in his inbox.  I’m confused… minute I’m raking in the love and favor-the next I’m in idle.  God is not slack so he knows exactly the right time to put me and my begging in a holding pattern.  If you read the 7th chapter of Judges-you’ll find Gideon.  The man who always needed a physical sign of God.  Gideon needed to defeat the 40,000 deep midianites with his army of 10,000.  The odds were against, he was afraid, and his Faith waivered.  Gideon sounds like me- but here God is urging him to lead this battle and Gideon was unsure of Gods ways.  God instructed him to narrow his army from 10,000 to 300.  How could Gideon defeat the strong midianites with no muscle?  It’s funny how God operates, he designs and orchestrates things in our lives so we have no other choice but to realize that it’s him, and him alone moving on our behalf.  This week God is showing me that I have to start trimming the fat in my life so I can have all of him.  If he is going to have complete control, I have to trust him and obey his commands.  He’s a precise God and every situation, circumstance, holding pattern, problem, or care is all designed so that i will never loose sight of who he is and what he does.  He’s bigger than all of our thoughts put together, and the moment we pitch a tent in a comfort zone or settle for a simple God-here comes the midianites.  God wants us to be aware of him at all times, and through our Faith and prayers he can lead us to many triumphant victories.  I’m in a holding pattern because God wants me to be aware of his mighty hand in my life on daily basis.  His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts.  I’m happy that he loves me enough to keep me focused and aware of his greatness at all times.  At times my pride and ego keep me from really being a “All or nothing” disciple, he wants all.  So this week I pray that I will grow through my challenges and experience the greatness of God.

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