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Iam a California girl with a southern mentality, Mother of three beautiful girls Skyy, Sarah, and Sabella; and the spiritual Mother to many other children I did not birth. It’s the best job ever. That sounds warm and swell, right? Behind the gray hair, the sleepless nights, and pacing many floors; I can see so many beautiful things in the midst of the chaos of maturing, parenting and trying to find purpose in this crazy culture. I love it: the good, the bad, and the unwanted calories that come with it all.

I don’t make crafts or beautiful DIY projects in my house like most women who stay at home, but I have spray painted a homemade cake stand before.

I’m flawed, I have failed at many things; however, I actually have a few successes to smile about. Being vulnerable and telling my story over coffee is a passion of mine.

I am a student of the Bible, at Grand Canyon University. I’ve been a student all of my life. From Compton, the burbs of Buena Park, the halls of Howard University, or an NBA wives section. I have had my share of life lessons, and still more to come I gather.

From time to time, I do things that matter or make people smile.

I am loved, cared for, validated, and redeemed by God, this changes everything for me, and I mean everything.

I’m not a bible thumper, but, at times I do want to thump people with my bible, only because I know the difference it made in my sinner soul.

I enjoy time with my kids, they secretly give me a life and they are the reason I pencil in my eyebrows, and wear a bra on a regular basis.

I enjoy reading, coffee, moments alone, serving others, and going to Church. I enjoy talking and most recently listening (this is an art form). I can listen to a friend over coffee while making a mental grocery list in my head, yep, all at the same time.

On this journey, pilgrimage, or carpool lane expedition I want to share what I am learning, connect the dots between a living God, his love for me, and the longing to reveal his love in ways that we struggle to experience or understand. Instead of making excuses rooted in fear and shame, allow me to tell you my stories of reality, pain, process, healing, and laughter.

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