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Pinned to a Wall

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I’m intrigued by the life of David.  In fact, David is one of my favorite Bible characters.  His story is one of trial and triumph, beauty and ashes.  I love his story in the Old Testament.  While skimming the pages of first Samuel, I discovered many things about David.  His life was never dull.  He was anointed to be King of Israel as a teenage stinky shepherd boy.  He chose to defeat a nine foot giant as a young boy to free his community from anguish and terror.  That defeat ultimately lead to jealousy and rage from the current King Saul.  So much had to happen before young David could take the throne.

One thing stood out to me.  David served King Saul.  The man whose job he would one day take, he was serving.  He was the worship leader for the troubled Saul.  One day he was playing the lyre for him and Saul just decided to throw a spear at David.  Huh? Wait? Can someone stop the tape?

Yes, While playing for King Saul, he randomly decided to pin David to a wall with his spear.  I don’t know about you but if someone randomly tries to pin me to a wall, it’s going to be a problem.

The reason this story sounds so familiar, is because like David I have felt randomly attacked or hated.  Attacked and hated because of Gods hand on my life.  I can’t explain or understand why he would want to pin David against the wall in the middle of worship? Why King Saul? As I look closer at the text I discover some context and understanding for Saul’s venom.  There was a harmful spirit present, there was jealousy, David was praised by many, there were messy women, and Saul was afraid of David (1Samuel 18:6-16ESV). 

Can we just pause for a minute.  Hopefully your looking at this story for yourself with your Bible open.

No matter what you do in life, there will be those who will find jealousy, criticism, anger, and hate against you.  If God told you to do something and you find criticism or hate for it, do like David-keep serving and living anyway.  You can’t accommodate everyones feelings, needs, wants, or egos.  You have to remain in the place and position God told you to stay in.  If God says worship, you better worship.  If God says work you better work.  If God says be still, be still. If God says trust me, then you better trust.  No matter how many spears or darts are thrown your way just know they can’t pin you.  This can be hard when it’s your best friends Dad, like Saul was to David.  Maybe it’s a co-worker or friend.  Maybe it’s an ex-girlfriend or Teacher.  Stay the course.  Allow God to defend you, don’t explain or defend the anointing, that’s up to God.  And more than likely he won’t explain to another human what he’s doing in your life.

I’m a fighter, this is tough for me.  I want to throw spears back.  I was to defend my honor, I want to let all the opposition know that I’m ready for war and a good fight.  But God……….Reminds me of Ephesians 6:10-20 that my war is not against flesh and blood, but against the evil ruler of darkness.  It’s not your friends, family, classmates, teammates, or co-workers who want to come against you, it’s the adversary of your soul (Satan).  He wants to oppose the anointing and favor God has on your life.  But he can’t, so he attacks with silly tactics. 

Life is war and reward, there will always be a blessing and battle, but remember your fight is in Gods hands.  Let him have the victory over it. Look what he told Moses and the Israelites as Pharaoh and his army was behind them and the red sea was in front of them “Fear not. Stand Firm. The Lord will Fight for your. See it.  And be quiet while you wait.” That’s my word for those of you in battle (Exodus 14:113-14ESV).  Stay in encouraged and try not to pin anyone against a wall today.


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